LVN Salary

What is an LVN?

lvn salaryThe term of LVN means Licensed Vocational Nurse, but it can also be referred to as licensed practical nurse or an LPN. Their job is strictly performed under the surveillance of a doctor or a registered nurse. This term of LVN is mainly used in states like California or Texas. The rest of the United States states will refer to it as LPN.

Job description of an LVN

The job duties for an LVN is to make sure that they are reading with accuracy the vital signs that can include respiration, blood pressure, temperature, pulse. Their job is varied such as monitoring catheters, administering injections, apply ice packs, or hot water bottles, so there is no time for getting bored.

They are also in charge of the patient’s bathing and dressing them up, change the bed sheets when they’ve become soiled, take the bedpans and empty them when needed.

Monitoring the fluids that patients are taking in and then excrete, as well as feeding them and watch their food consumption are tasks that are not missing from their job chart.

In addition, a licensed vocational nurse job tasks are too closely watch the patients and report where necessary signs of treatment complication or even adverse medical reactions.

There are some states that will allow an LVN to administer medicine and even perform IVs. They will also collect samples for performing tests, or complete the routine one by themselves. They will help their superiors to perform medical procedures that are advanced.

How to become an LVN?

A very good advice is to find out what your dream is and follow it. If it is to help people and you have an attraction to become an LVN, then you should truly start focusing on achieving it from high school.

Many of the certified programs will ask you to possess a high school diploma or to have a GED to be able to enroll. You can choose your options and be aware that if you want to start early there are some of the LVN programs that begin when you are in high school.

While you are in high school, you can take classes that will help you on the way such as those that involve science, math, biology, chemistry and other. These will help you to prepare for the nursing school. They will offer a basic perspective and knowledge that will help you further on.

Attending a nursing school is not that easy but it will surely make you efficient for handling the rigors that can be often found in this institution. Being accepted into a nursing school will assume an entrance exam for the LVN.

Make sure that your level of math and science is remarkably good as well as reading comprehension. To be able to be a good and efficient LVN you’ll need necessary skills that involve a lot carrying for others, have sympathy and be emotionally stable.

Have the ability to follow orders as well as being able to take good decisions. Any program that is certified will ask you to possess and demonstrate that you possess these qualities. Otherwise, you’ll not be accepted as part of one of these programs.

The majority of programs will allow you to graduate and take your license exam only after one year of study. Instead of a degree you’ll get a certificate of completion. One of your best options is also to choose to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam or with other words the National Council Licensure Examination.

You might want to see what requirements you’ll have to fulfill as well as the application process that varies in some cases from state to state. To be sure that you get your information from where it should, and you fulfill what each state requires, get in contact with the Board of Nursing.

Work environment and schedule

As an LVN, you’ll have a variety of settings where to choose from. There are plenty of hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics and nursing care facilities in which you can easily find a job that befits you the most.

Being in this position you’ll find out how demanding it is. You’ll be on your feet working long hours, not to mention the fact that you truly need to be bodily fit and have the strength to help patients walk or stand.

The majority of LVN who work in settings such as hospitals or nursing care facilities have their schedule of 40 hours per week. Operating on patients that are in need for   care these professionals will do night staff, work on weekends and do holiday shifts. All these for providing the best accommodation for the patients that need round a clock care.

Pros and cons of being an LVN

Choosing the best career is not always the easy path but working as an LVN has many advantages that will over-weigh the disadvantages. If you are very engaged in your lifestyle and you like to work with people that are in need this is the best choice.

The job of an LVN is very demanding and over a day you’ll encounter daily activities that are challenging. You’ll have to care for patients in many types of environments, and the duties will vary.

One of the instant pros in this job is the security that is high since there are always people that are injured or sick to look after. You’ll find he majority of these jobs in settings such as hospitals but due to a growth in the aging baby boomer population there are other job opportunities. You’ll find work also in nursing homes or outpatient clinic positions.

The con that appears is that as an LVN you’ll have to deal with a very busy schedule that will include you working around the clock involving nights, weekends, holidays and even evenings. A regular week schedule can be found only if you are working in institutions such as a doctor’s office or a dentist office.

With more education, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your salary. Going to one year of training in a technical school will allow you to have a salary of about $39,010 per year. Making time to earn a registered nurse degree and advance in this job will take you to a median salary that reaches at $62,510 per year.

LVN job growth

For the next five to ten years the employment job growth is predicted at 25% rate of increase according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This increase is due mainly to the nature itself of the job but also due to a growth in the healthcare services and the increased need of long-term care of the aging population. The job satisfaction in this job is a strong one with plenty of work opportunities. Many LVN can choose from a variety of work settings such as outpatient facilities and physician’s offices as well.

People will always be in need for the aid of these professionals in order to have the chance at a better life. The growth rate is set at a faster than the average of other positions within the US and within the field of nursing.

LVN salary

An LVN salary in the United States will depend a lot according to some influential factors such the working setting, education, years of experience and other related factors that can be seen in this field. The expected salary for a licensed vocational nurse in US has an average that reaches about $41,967 per year.

The annual salary in this field is also monitored by the upper or the lower points. Those 10 percent of professionals that are working as an LVN will earn a salary that can reach about more than $56,015 per year. The lower part that is working in this field will take home an annual salary that reaches about $29,683 per year.

The type of working setting is one of the influential factors in this field. Those professionals that are hired as LVN in the home health care services will earn a salary that reaches at $43,922 per year. Those who are hired at doctor’s offices will earn an income that reaches about $38,982 per year.

Being on a position in scientific research and development services will get you to reach at a salary around $45,954 per year. Those working in the Nursing Care Facilities will provide an LVN with a salary of about $43,573 per year.

The annual salary of an LVN has an average estimated to be comprised between $28,492 per year and $50,647 per year. The yearly bonus that is granted can reach up to $1015 and the profit sharing by year will range between $62.54 and up to $3,010 with a commission of around $2,010 per year.

With all these, the annual salary will reach a total amount that will range between $30,425 and $54,734 per year. Another factor that you should take into account is the fact that you’ll find best paying states that search to hire LVN. Of course that the salary will differ from state to state.

The best paying states in US for an LVN job ca be found in California with an income received of $60,554 per year. Then we have North Carolina with a salary of $113,332 per year, New Jersey with $51,353 per year and other.

The years of experience also have a major role. The LVN with less than one year of experience will bring home an income that varies between $24,182 and $45,619 per year. Those who already have working experience between one and four year will gain an income that is estimated between $26,210 and up to $49,637 per year.

Depending on all these factors and with over 20 years of experience you’ll take home a salary that is comprised between $32,486 and $65,024 per year.

Salary of an LVN in 2015

For the year 2015 in US, the salary of an LVN is considered to be stable and with the new opportunities arising and a constant industry growth this job seems to be more secure than ever.

The flux of salaries for an LVN varies according to each state and also according to the geographical location, the areas that can be metropolitan or rural. It is also according to the lower and the upper points in a job as well as the type of setting in which one has found work.

People will always be in a need for these professionals who know how to relate to their problems and know how to care best for them. The average hourly wage for an LVN in present quoted to be at $19.43, and the yearly salary is estimated to reach at $40,383 per year.

LVN Salary in 2016

The hourly median payment for an LVN, in the United States, for the year 2016 is estimated to reach at $19.82 per hour. The top hourly wage payment is estimated to be around $25.51 per hour while the bottom average usually takes home around $15.39 per hour, according to the salary data survey given by PayScale.

The average median income for these professionals usually rises at $41,074 per year, with a starting point that is estimated between $28,399 per year and up to $56,010 per year. The bonuses that are granted usually reach at the amount of $1,009 while the profit sharing that is being distributed is estimated between $252.69 and up to $2,937. This will lead in the end to a payment for LVNs that is comprised between $31,912 per year and up to $54,976 per year.

The main factors that impact and affect this group are the geographical location, the specific type of employment and tenure. You can also add the years of experience and other as well. When it comes to the gender factor, the vast majority of people working as LVN tend to be women rather than men.

An entry-level LVN with up to five years of working experience in the field can expect at a median income that gets around $40,010 per year while one professional with 5 to 10 years of practice will gain around $44,010 per year. Those who are already working in this field for 10 and up to 20 years can expect at $45,010 while the veterans with plenty of work activity and with more than 20 years of experience can expect to earn around $46,010 per year. As you can estimate the factor of years of experience doesn’t necessary bring a huge median or average increase of those working as LVN’s.

The best regions for the LVNs can be found in areas such as San Jose where the earnings are higher than the national average. The median income is estimated at $50,927 per year while in Sacramento, the estimated median earnings are also above the average reaching at $47,710 per year. On the other hand, you can also find earnings that are below the national average. For instance in San Antonio, the median national average is around $39,569 per year, while in Victoria Texas, the earnings for LVNs reach at $35,859 per year. Earnings that are estimated to be below the national average.

According to Indeed, the average median payment for an LVN is around $42,010 per year. You can also find that the salaries vary and are quite different when it comes to average earnings of jobs with related titles. For instance, a School LVN can expect to gain around $53,005 per year while an LVN Family Care will earn around $42,010 per year. A Travel LVN can expect to take home around $59,010 per year while a Senior LVN will earn around $37,010 per year.

LVN salary in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom

  • In Canada, the yearly salary will reach about C$41,010 per year. The total payment for LVN in Canada is influenced according to the average hourly wage that is usually around C$23.48 per year. For instance in Canada the lowest point in hourly wage in the LVN field will reach about C$21.78 per hour. Those who are in the top ten percent will earn an hourly wage that reaches about C$25.55.
  • In Australia, for instance, the average yearly salary reaches at about AU$49,722 per year. The bonus that is received will reach at about AU$2,048, and the total annual payment will be then estimated to range between AU$26,653 and AU$65,463 per year. The median hourly wage that is present in Australia for an LVN will be estimated to range between AU$9.28 and AU$30.62 per hour. In time, it is estimated to increase reaching to be comprised between AU$19.10 and AU$57.38 per hour.
  • Working in UK as an LVN will get you to an average salary of around £38,010 while the median expected salary reaches at about £36,010 per year. The yearly bonus that is included is estimated to reach at about £4,914. If you are working on a starting position, then the hourly wage will be comprised between £10.74 and £13.37 per hour this leading to a yearly salary comprised between £13,567 and £55,706. The yearly bonus included reaches about £34,097 per year. An LVN salary in UK is also based according to age. For instance, those who are working and are in their 20s will earn a salary of £28,510 per year. At the same time, those who are in their 40s or even 50s will earn a salary that reaches at about £44,084 per year.

Conclusion on LVN salary

The LVN salary is influenced based on numerous factors that play a vital role in the economic flux. The job opportunities and the possibilities that can be found offer a constant stability, and there are plenty of advancement positions. Due to the care for sick or injured patients or the aging baby bloom population there is not a possibility for a shortage in this field.