Privacy Policy

Terms used in the Privacy Policy

Whenever this privacy policy reads “we”, “us”, “the Site”, “the Website”, “our Site”, “our” it refers to this website, namely: . “You”, “user”, “reader”, “follower” may refer to anyone who accesses our Site. “The policy”, “policy”, “privacy policy”, “Privacy Policy” will refer to the current Privacy Policy.

Why this policy should be of your interest?

While many people tend to ignore privacy policies, we recommend you to take the necessary time to read through the policy herein. You have the right to:

  1. Know what our Privacy Policy is.
  2. Know how the current policy may or may not affect you.
  3. Know where to look for any future changes to this Privacy Policy.

It is also important to check the Privacy Policy periodically, to make sure that any changes that may have occurred would not be a problem.

Modifications to this Privacy Policy

We have the right to modify this Privacy Policy without your agreement or consent. By navigating through our Website, you automatically agree to this Privacy Policy. We are not obliged to do any of the following:

  • Send out written or electronic notifications (such as emails, newsletters, etc.) about any changes that may have occurred to the Privacy Policy or to any other content available on our Site.
  • Ask for your consent on the changes related to this Privacy Policy or any other content available on our Site. In case you do not agree with this Privacy Policy or with any changes, you are free to close our Website and navigate on others.
  • Keep the Privacy Policy unchanged for a given period of time. We may freely, at our sole discretion, modify the Privacy Policy as many times as necessary.

What information is collected and why?

The information we collect is, in some cases, personally identifiable information or personal contact information. The features that might have any such information collected are:

  1. Like our Site on Facebook.
  2. Like or Share one or multiple articles on Facebook.
  3. Pinterest (Pin it)
  4. Share on Google+
  5. Share with “sharethis”
  6. Share on
  7. Share via email
  8. Share on LinkedIn
  9. Share via Twitter
  10. Leave comment on one of the pages (or on multiple pages) of our Website
  11. Clicking on any ads displayed on our Site

Sharing features (see points 1-9 listed above) our as popularly known by many people. When you share content on social media, people will see what you shared. It is your own responsibility as far as sharing goes and how that would or would not cause other people to know private details about you.

Commenting is freely available, and we may request your email address, name and the comment itself. In case these requirements change, we may freely update this Privacy Policy without notifying you beforehand. To make sure you are up to date on everything, read the current Privacy Policy at least once per month. We may also include a date of the last Privacy Policy update so that you will not spend time reading it when it did not change.

Clicking on ads is out of our responsibility and will redirect you to third parties. We can’t be held responsible for any consequences resulting from:

  • Clicking on too many ads, unwanted installation of extra toolbars or software tools on your device.
  • Purchasing advertised items and not being satisfied or not considering it was the same as the quality of the ad. We are not responsible for how other people advertise their products and services. We do believe that in many cases, upon checking the websites and people’s feedback on certain products and services you can learn more about these realities and not just take risks. Even if you do take any risks – it is entirely your responsibility, made with your own consent.
  • Regretting the posting of a comment on our Site. Make sure you want to post a comment before doing so. We cannot guarantee removing any of your comments. However, in special cases, we may do so, without any direct or indirect communication of our actions.


Our Site may use cookies. Cookies may store: session information, time(s) you visited our Site, information related to sharing or commenting on our Site (see details on those aspects above). You may accept cookies or simply disable them for our Site.

Under normal conditions, disabling cookies will not affect your experience of reading and browsing through our content. For more details about disabling or disallowing cookies, check your browser and relevant documentation. Some useful links that may help you better understand:

The above links may, at once, become invalid. In case it happens, feel free to contact us so that we can update these links. The first link is to be used and sufficient in most cases. We are not responsible for your privacy once you visit any of the mentioned links. We are not affiliated with any of those websites.

Information collected by third parties

Information collected by third parties is any information, personally identifiable or not, which is collected by any of the social media platforms, by Google (our advertising affiliate) or by other sites you access through our Site.

Be aware of the fact that these websites serve their own privacy policies, which may be completely different from our Privacy Policy. In case you visit their websites, although it was through this Site, it is none of our responsibility. In other words, we do not cover you, we do not protect your identity in any way, because it is out of our reach whenever you visit third party websites.

Make sure to check Google’s privacy policies, and also any other privacy policies from the sites you intend to visit. You can always close a website if you are not in full agreement with their policies or terms and conditions. Be aware of protecting your personally identifiable information, and be responsible with it!

Last Update: 13rd of August, 2016