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Terms used in the Terms and Conditions

Whenever the Terms and Conditions herein reads “we”, “us”, “the Site”, “the Website”, “our Site”, “our” it refers to this website, namely: https://www.salaryvoice.com . “You”, “user”, “reader”, “follower” may refer to anyone who accesses our Site. “The Terms and Conditions”, “Terms and Conditions” will refer to the current Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

We strongly advise that you read through the terms and conditions presented below. We are not responsible for the reader who does not read this document and the Privacy Policy available on the site. If you do not agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, do not read our site, do not read content displayed on our site. By accessing our site and reading content you confirm that you agree to all of our Terms and Conditions, including the dispositions of our Privacy Policy.

Possibility of alleged misleading salary information

We are not responsible for allegedly misleading salary information. Salary information is available through surveys and national data collected in the US and other countries. If you live in a certain area where surveys indicate a payment of $70,000 per year, but you will get a job with $45,000 per year, it is not our issue and not our responsibility. Beware that each employer can freely give the salary they want, and it’s between the employer and the employee to agree or disagree on the salary given. Also, our salary information presented – in case it does not correspond with salaries in certain areas – is accurately collected, and generally applicable to the mentioned areas. Our scope and target is informing our readers as accurately as possible.

Allegedly missing or too many details

We are not responsible for allegedly missing or too many details on certain topics. Our content is designed to serve the purposes of being informed and getting advices. These are general advices, and are not to be considered “paid consultancy” or “professional consultancy”. For such services, turn to the experts in your area.

Possible mistakes

Our content is thoroughly researched, with extra care for details. However, the human factor will always mean there are mistakes in the content, whether it’s grammatical or simply the presentation of certain details. We are not responsible for any damages you might incur based on actions, decisions or other happenings related directly or indirectly to our Site or content on our Site. Anything you decide to do, write or believe is your responsibility, and we are not responsible for any type and kind of damage or losses you might experience as a consequence.


We are not responsible for the omission of certain schools that offer training for a certain career. We cannot always cover everything that exists within a field, as it would require long hours of work, including phone calls, thorough research, physically going to different areas across the world. Such activities are out of scope, and our Site is not meant to be an all-knowing encyclopedia.

Political views or opinions

We are not for or against political views. If certain articles present the fact that the US pays better than other countries for a certain position, it is not because we are against the other countries. We believe in the freedom of choice, and each individual may be for or against a certain country’s opportunities, salaries, and career choices. We do not promote nor advocate against personal opinions.

We are not responsible for future outlooks to change in the next years. The currently presented future outlook, job outlook or career outlook is simply an estimation made by certain people, who either do or do not call themselves experts. We are not affiliated with any experts, neither are we affiliated with non-experts. The information we present is not a guarantee, and if the outlook does not prove to be right in the next years, we are not liable for any damages or losses it may have caused. Make responsible decisions, because whatever you decide to do with your life is only your responsibility.

Career choice suggestions

We do suggest career choices based on research and based on certain common traits associate with different types of jobs. While we do research all of these aspects and do not write content just out of the blue, we are not responsible if anyone – based on our articles – would choose the wrong career. We are also not responsible in any way for anything, directly or indirectly, related to the suggestions or advices transmitted regarding careers.

Each individual should first know themselves well enough in order to decide for or against a career. Such decisions must be taken personally and cannot be placed unto us, or onto anyone else. In the information era it is only your responsibility to be informed.

Suggestions or statistics regarding gender differences within certain fields

Our site does not promote anything related to genders. A person is not limited by gender. We simply present information about careers where statistics indicate that males are favored for such positions, or females are favored for such positions. We are not responsible for any alleged gender violation, gender discrimination, nor any other terms related to genders.

You are who you are, and we do not go for or against individuals.

Suggestions that may change your view on marital life

We cannot provide a “good” suggestion for your marital life. It is a fact that certain careers would make it harder for you to establish a family. We are not responsible for the years of education or extra training required in order to be accepted in certain positions. You must be responsible, and you are fully responsible for any choices and decisions made. If you want to establish a family, it is your duty to understand how it is possible to make everyone happy – getting both the career and the family.

However, we do not provide free nor paid consultancy on marital life. For such activities, turn to the experts in your area.

Differences between countries or between states in the United States

For different specializations there are great differences between the salaries of member states in the US, and also between the US and other countries, such as Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. These differences are not to be considered as suggestions for you to move to another state or to another country. In case you want to make such decisions, it is your own responsibility. We cannot guarantee that by moving to certain areas you can really get hired in the desired position. All risks are yours personally, and we are not responsible for any losses, neither financial, nor of another nature.

Motivations behind certain decisions

We often suggest potential advantages of certain careers and potential motivations behind the decision of choosing a certain career path. Such suggestions are not to be taken for granted – motivations and advantages may easily differ from person to person.

Allegedly incomplete presentation of pros and cons

We are not responsible for allegedly incomplete presentations of pros and cons. We do research the pros and cons carefully, and do not omit any of them on purpose. However, it may happen from time to time that some important items are missing from our list. If this is the case, you cannot hold us responsible for the incurred damages or losses.

Terms and Conditions may change unconditionally, at our sole discretion

We may edit, modify or delete parts from our Terms and Conditions whenever we consider it necessary. We are not required to inform you, we do not ask for your consent, and it is at our sole discretion to decide what the current dispositions of the Terms and Conditions should include. In case you are in disagreement, you must close the Site and do not access it anymore. By reading our content, you confirm that you are bound by the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy we presented on our Site.

What you can do, for your own protection, is check the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy at least once per month. We may indicate the date of last modifications on this page, as well as on the Privacy Policy. We do not send out information or newsletters regarding the changes. However, if we ever consider to send out newsletters or information by other means – and we have your email address because you gave it to us – then we might do so. In such cases, you will always have an option to discontinue receiving emails from us (unsubscribing from the mailing list).

The site’s content may change at any time

We are not responsible for any damages, losses, dissatisfaction, disagreement, nor any other feelings our readers might have if we change the site’s content or the structure of our articles. Such actions are completed under our sole discretion, without requiring your agreement.

However, we do believe in high quality and we do intend to always improve the quality offered on our Site, including but not limited to articles, advertisement displayed, commenting and sharing options.