Yoga Instructor Salary

Salary of yoga instructors

If they are working with a group, yoga instructors will charge from $11 and up $31 per session or for a group class, while for a private customer they will charge $52 or even $102 per hour. Yoga instructors hired by fitness centers will receive an annual income of $51,000 not to mention the discounts they’ve got, as presented above.

A yoga instructor salary will differ according to each state, the industry for which he or she is working and the popularity that he or she could gain across the years. In each and every yoga instructor job experience has something to do with it, not to mention possessing the right amount of skills developed in the years of training. The national salaries for yoga instructors were divided between the range of $17,080 per year and up to $63,450 per year, and in between.

A large number of hirings have been made by the recreation and amusement industries, where an average income for a yoga instructor was set at $37,264 per year. Those who worked in the social organizations were paid with $30,867 per year, while those who worked in schools gained an average salary of $33,132 per year.

Yoga instructors who work in the hospital environment earn an average salary that will reach at $35,710 per year, while those who work with the local government earn an average salary that reaches $34,350 per year.

According to each state, the highest paying state for a yoga instructor can be found in New York with an annual average salary of $52,020 per year, followed by District of Columbia where a young instructor will reach out and gain a salary of $48,815 per year.

Salary of a yoga instructor in 2015

We’re not at the beginning of a road when a yoga instructor salary was lower, nowadays with the modern elements the practice of yoga became more and more known and appreciated by millions of people. The certified academies offer instructors who are well-prepared and much more qualified. The options for a 2015 yoga instructor salary are much higher and the salaries are much more paid.

The financial freedom which comes with the year 2015 is due to an increase from every age category and the wish to get a yoga instructor who can make all the stress go away and offer a tranquil way of life.

In the United States for the 2014, a yoga instructor will have won an average salary that ranged from $23,985 and up to $111,907 per year, while in 2015 the same yoga instructor according to the economical flux and the number of solicitors will get an increase in his or her salary.

Yoga Instructor Salary in 2016

For the year 2016, the average wage that a yoga instructor earns in the U.S. has a median average of around $24.02 per hour, with an hourly rate that is mainly comprised between $12.67 per hour and $49.95 per hour. On the other hand, the median income for these professionals usually reaches at $34,862, according to the salary data information that is provided by PayScale.

The starting point salary in this field is estimated at $15,457 and up to $71,609, with granted bonuses that tend to rise up to $484.02 and profit sharing that goes up to $2,510. The registered commissions that are granted to yoga instructors reach up to $502, this leading in the end at a total payment that starts from $24,255 per year and up to $102,154 per year.

The vast majority of employees who work as Yoga Instructors after many surveys are women rather than men. Other factors that affect and impact this group are based upon the geographical location, type of employment and years of experience in the field.

When it comes to the geographical factor, the incomes of these professionals are dictated by each and every state, region and area of work. A yoga instructor income mainly has to do with the costs of living and the living expenses that are to be found in that particular area. Even though payment for years of experience has a moderate effect on this career, it is still a factor that impacts the earnings.

For instance, a professional who has just started working in this field, with up to five years of practice can expect to take home around $43,010, while one with up to 10 years of work experience and activity can expect to earn around $50,010 per year. Those who are already with up to 20 years of work and wit plenty of experience can expect at $63,010 per year while the veterans of this career field with more than 20 years of knowledge and experience gain an income that is estimated at around $100,010 per year.

Yoga instructor salary in Canada, Australia and the UK

Let’s take other countries for example, where the yoga instructor job has become popular. For instance in Canada, a yoga instructor will earn a salary that ranges between C$20,871 and C$128,597 per year while the average salary in Canada is of C$58,756 per year.

The states with highest payment in Canada for the yoga instructor are Ontario with an hourly pay comprised between C$12.10 and C$81.72 and Alberta with an hourly payment rate estimated between C$39.32 and C$55.97 per hour.

In Australia, for instance, a yoga instructor salary is estimated from AU$61,443 and up to AU$140,208 while the median average will earn a salary of AU$124,510 per year. More than half of the yoga instructors take home an annual income of AU$140,010 per year.

In UK, another country where the yoga instructors are well admired, they have a price that will vary between £11 and £16 per session. A full employed yoga instructor will earn in UK an annual salary that reaches between £15,010 and £60,000 per year. A yoga instructor salary will vary according to the size of their classes and the number of their students which are regularly taking part at the sessions.

Yoga Teacher Career

What is a yoga instructor?

yoga teacher compensationTo understand what a yoga instructor does you’ll first have to find out what yoga means. When it comes to yoga, you should know that you’ll be helped to find the center of your relaxation and it mainly will work at the level of your mind and your body.

On these days when the society got caught in so many things, the level of stress, the amount of stress-enhancing deadlines have raised up to give people a lot of sleepless nights and they’ve subjected their bodies to constant thermic, physical and emotional pressure. Truly and simply, a yoga instructor will help you to find not only that perfect balance between your mind and your body as it is described but it will also be a part of helping you get that perfect union between the two of them.

A yoga instruction job is to help his students through various exercises to find balance, and at the same time improve flexibility and strength by living a healthier way of life.

Job description of a yoga instructor

Their first main job description is linked to the fact that a yoga instructor is like an opened book offering to his students the assistance they need for a better form of exercises than they have been taught before. He will guide them through a different mixture of postures, breathing exercises known also as pranayama in the Indian language, or asanas.

A yoga instructor will provide his students with some hand-on directions just to make sure that everyone understood the techniques that have to be followed and the breathing exercises that have to be applied. Each and every movement has to be properly done in order to achieve that perfect and unique union between the mind and body.

Through these exercises, you’ll achieve a different state of mind and your body will feel more relaxed and detached from all those negative factors that many times influenced the mind and brought tension into the body. Since your mind transmits everything to your body and makes it react according to your thoughts, a yoga instructor will guide you achieve a perfect calm balance and at the same time it would be like a stress relief but without any level of emotions getting to a level of overwhelming.

To be a yoga instructor, you’ll need to be fully prepared for this job. For instance, you’ll have to help clients with finding a deep and centered confidence in self-awareness, and also to be able to provide them with motivation and find balance and support for their lives. A yoga instructor needs to be dedicated to his students and to their cause.

How to become a yoga instructor?

It is not a special science that in order to become a great and well appreciated yoga instructor, you’ll first have to decide that this is your long lasting career dream. If you’ve set your mind into it, then before you get a class of your own, you’ll have to learn various postures and start practicing yoga. Become dedicated by mastering all the techniques and getting to know better what this job involves and how your body and your mind start to react to these techniques and postures.

If yoga is a new concept in your life, you can make some arrangements and find a studio in the area where you are living and start right up with some beginner classes and work your way up to the advanced ones. That way you’ll allow yourself not to skip the important details of each and every lesson.

To find what part of yoga would better suit, you can start by exploring the variety of yoga types such as Hatha, Bikram, Ashtanga and many more. By trying those out, you’ll figure which type you want to learn and teach later on when you master it.

After you’ve decided what type will suit your life the most, you can now consider in what location you would want to teach. Since there is no program for universal certification for a yoga instructor, you can easily check out the requirements of the gym or studio in which you are working. Being informed about all the procedures and the entire process will give you a hint on the road that you should follow.

For a better look inside of this job, you can contact the person who’s in charge with the fitness studio, or the manager at the gym where you are working and make sure that you’ll fill up the training program that they are guided by or they prefer you to accomplish.

If you’ll want to work in a studio or at a gym, you should know that many of them will require a proper training formed of about 200 hours of hand-on procedures of training in yoga before you could actually start teaching this practice, but again contact the studio or the gym and make sure to fulfill all their requirements.

You have the opportunity to find those training schools or studios that will offer training for the future teachers. The yoga instructor courses that you’ll enroll into will give you the opportunity to teach basic and advanced physical routines and procedures, how to prevent various injuries which might occur during various techniques, physical anatomy, and at last you’ll learn some important facts and useful details about the history and the philosophy of yoga.

To be able to get more information from a legal source, you can also contact the Yoga Alliance acknowledged as the national registry for all the yoga instructors. You’ll find very useful their website in getting information about the resources for being able to complete your certification.

If you’ve decided to teach advanced courses of yoga, for example to the students that got injured and need help, then you’ll probably need an advanced training which is mainly comprised of 500 hours of training program. Your license for some studios is important as well, and in some cases you’ll have to keep it current by taking some additional courses.

Finding a job as a teacher is not a difficult thing to do. Remember that every studio is different so might want to visit the studio where you’ll want to work first, and then take some classes just to familiarize yourself with the teaching style and everything that is going around. Further on, for a better perspective, you should meet the teachers and the staff, bring your resume and your certification and ask them all about the programs that are available. For various options, you can apply to many studios and see which job will suit you the most.

To become a professional yoga instructor you’ll first have to get accustomed with the teaching techniques and to improve your style. So, take a few steps back and allow yourself to learn from the senior teachers. To learn as much as you can, enroll in various yoga classes and pay attention to the teachers that have a large number of students. Adopt their techniques and where it is necessary modify them to adapt it to your style.

But being a professional and well appreciated yoga instructor is all about technique is also about being able to face the audience and feeling comfortable while speaking in front of a group. Experience is another key that will help you become a great yoga instructor. You can change the routine in your class to make it more interesting and make people feel like there is always something to learn, new things and other sides of yoga.

A great yoga instructor will always motivate the group by posing a positive attitude. If you want them to wish to come for more, you’ll have to make them feel good about themselves, be opened and communicative in every way possible. Pay attention to each and every one of your students and give them feedback and motivate them by a constructive criticism.

If you want a constructive future in this branch, ask your students to complete at the end of the class a questionnaire that will help you for the future to improve your teaching methods and to adopt it more to the requirements of your students.

Work environment and schedule

A yoga instructor can work in the private sector or in the public one as well. Many of them can provide their clients with private sessions related with the client’s lifestyle and his or her choices for living a much healthier life. As a yoga instructor, your setting will be according to the client’s needs at home, at school, in a hospital institution, or even in community centers.

The schedule of a yoga instructor will vary greatly since many of their clients have a certain period of time when they could actually have yoga sessions. A yoga instructor work setting is usually built up around a pleasant and quiet place. Due to a higher level of time flexibility, many yoga instructors are self-employed and in many cases they will have to travel for some private sessions with the client.

Those that work in fitness centers have a schedule, which is pretty crowded in the evenings and weekends when their clients are able to come.

Pros and cons of being a yoga instructor

As a yoga instructor, you’ll have to fulfill some skill requirements which are of great importance in this job. For example, you’ll have to be flexible and physically fit for all the procedures and techniques and you’ll always have to possess a calm attitude and transmit a positive energy during the group sessions. Not to mention the fact that the American Yoga Association has set a list of qualities that will ask you to be a vegetarian and you’ll also have to possess a moral etiquette.

If there is a con, it is that you’ll really have to stick to that list since you are the living example for the whole group. A pro fact for those who work as yoga instructors is that they get that change – if by any chance they work in a fitness center – to obtain discounts in the institution on the products such as clothes, shoes and even equipment form their employers.

Another fact is that many of them have flexible time appointments, which is great but sometimes they have to leave everything and go for a private session according to the client’s time. But in this job, there are more pros then cons since you get the chance to influence lives and change them in a good manner and at the same time get a good salary.

Yoga Instructor job growth

The job satisfaction in this field seems to be one that has very good rates and with plenty of rewards. Great opportunities are still continuing to rise in this industry in facilities such as health clubs, fitness working sites, yoga studios, general fitness centers and other as well. Some of the even choose to become self-employed and have their own clientele. The estimated job employment rate is predicted for the next ten years at a growth of 13.5% rate of increase and even higher.

The increase in this field started due to many people who search for a better way of life and a healthy one at the same time, one of the major issues that the population is trying to get rid of is the factor of stress. Many of these professionals will choose and identify a particular specific group of age such as children, pregnant women, or seniors and work with.

As a yoga instructor, there are plenty of job opportunities, and you can choose where you want to specialize in depending of course based on your characteristics and personality. Some of these professionals will teach yoga as part of therapeutic treatment in treating various diseases and health conditions such as anxiety, depression, asthma and stress.

Conclusion on the yoga instructor salary

A yoga instructor salary in the United States and in other countries such as Canada, Australia, and UK will vary greatly according to the various demanding for a yoga instructor. In the United States, as mentioned earlier, a yoga instructor salary will range between $23,985 and $111,907 per year.

The yoga instructor salary is estimated to grow in the next ten years or so, due to the number of people who are searching for a yoga instructor and according to the fitness enthusiasts that are more preoccupied with a healthy life style, a great mind and a perfect sense of awe that yoga brings in. The phenomenon is also due to obtaining a much higher level of energy, focus and even motivation.