Radiology Technician Salary

What is a Radiology Technician?

Radiologic Tech salaryA radiology technician is the health professional who performs X-Rays and many other images of the body, allowing a clear and precise diagnostic, which is usually given by a Physician. The medical condition of the patient is established through this procedure and clear history documents can be maintained which will help in the future investigations.

Job description of Radiology Technician

Radiology technicians work with high quality equipment that could perform CAT or computerized axial tomography, mammography, X-ray and so on. Their job duties imply also a developed communicational skill, which will allow these professionals to guide their patients through every single detail of what these imaging procedures might involve.

Their role doesn’t ends here and they must assure that the patients are properly fit to continue the medical imaging process. So, clear information must be passed for the patient protection. After the patient removes his or her jewellery, the clothing items and any other items that interfere with the equipment, the radiology technician will position the patient in the correct posture that will protect him or her from overexposure.

After these professionals will capture the images on digital film or file, they will review the results by consulting with other radiologists and take additional views where it would still be necessary. Their job might involve maintaining a good and clear environment of the equipment, as well as to update the record of the patient.

How to become a Radiology Technician?

A Radiology Technician career is very rewarding since you are in the area of the medical field that will allow you to determine certain aspects of the patient condition, which will lead to a great help for other specialists in the related fields to put a clear diagnostic.

If your dream is to become a radiology technician, then here are some great tips which will help you for sure to follow your dream and fulfill it. In this path of becoming one of these professionals, you’ll have to specialize in the areas of anatomy, to get used with a specific medical terminology and how to properly administer the imaging process that will involve X-rays and other procedures.

In order to achieve a higher level of knowledge so that you’ll certain qualify as a radiology technician, you’ll first need to graduate your high school and obtain a diploma or its equivalent. If you are still in high school then you can take courses that will help you succeed in this job. You can focus on courses like anatomy, physics, biology, mathematics and chemistry which will help you get used to with the notions that are specifically in this area of expertise.

Your education level will always be accompanied by the right and proper experience which is for the best to practice it. A higher level of education will for sure get you where you wanted to be in the first place. You can obtain in following this path an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree and certification program. One of the most common ways to be a radiology technician is by obtaining an associate’s degree from an accredited college from the private institutions that will guarantee one. The associate’s degree program can be taken on a two years length of courses. A bachelor’s accredited program will provide you with a major in the field of radiologic technology, as well as the degree with the length of 4 years. Certification program will lead you to obtain a better qualification position in the field this usually being made by person that already have the required experience in this field.

The program has a length that will extend between 21 or 24 months, providing you a great future job opportunity as well as a great start on the business market. The courses that you’ll go through throughout this higher level of education are based on subjects such as anatomy and physiology, clinical practice, radiographic procedures, image production and so on.

One of the most important aspects of this job is to have the proper training that will lead you to a better understanding of everything that involves taking medical images. Make sure that you follow a program not only that will suit you but that is certified by JRCERT or with other words the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology. Learning how to work with patients is another clue that will not miss in this job.

At the end of your training you’ll know how to perform accurate mathematical measurements, quality control, how to properly operate with the X-ray equipment and how to process and analyze the medical images once they’ve been obtained.

Another tip will involve obtaining a specialization in the field of radiologic technology that will for sure increase your chances of being hired. This process you can achieve while you are taking your training or afterwards. Specialization will always involve a much higher level of education and the ARRT certification or In other words the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. You can obtain specialization in fields as mammography, radiography, MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging), CT (computer tomography) and so on.

If you are thinking to become a certified radiology technician then you’ll have to pass all the required exams and to meet the TSEF (Technical Standards and Essential Functions). You’ll be tested in the areas of the following skills: communication, observation, intellectual and so on. According to each state you’ll be required to obtain a license as well, together with the certification. The conditions vary so it is for the best to check out your state requirements. Some will use the ARRT Exams while, in other, you’ll be required to provide some additional work.

Work environment and schedule

A radiology technician works in various lab healthcare facilities such as hospitals, imaging centers, clinics and private doctor’s offices or in outpatient centers. Their work is being performed both in the public and private domain, hospitals remaining the main contributor in this field.

The professional in this position will work a standard 40 hours per week, but there are some specialized areas where in a position of a radiology technician you’ll be on call night or in the weekend. Much of their time, they will have to stand up and perform the required duties of the day of work.

Pros and cons of being a Radiology Technician

Before reaching for your dream job, you should always make sure that you understand the expectations that you’ll need to fulfill. You can get a huge volume of information just by visiting some online resources on the internet or by talking to people who already are working in this specialty field. Here are some pros and cons that will light a bit your way in this career.

Working as a radiology technician involves many times the regular duties of a job. Your job will involve performing X-Rays that will help the physicians in establishing a clear and accurate treatment plan based on this diagnostic imaging examination. Your part will be a huge one and the rewarding that will come out of your work, is the rewarding of finding out what are the problems that cannot be seen clearly with the eye.

Helping patients and people to get better and even to live is the best reward ever, and you have your part in there too. The career rate of these professionals has a good estimation since the number of cases seems to multiply. The bad part in all this is the fact that working with people can be many times difficult. Many of the patients might be in pain so you’ll truly need to be as calm as possible since their behavior will vary.

You’ll spend a lot of time standing, this meaning a 40 hours week schedule. You’ll need to be remarkably good at details and be aware that any equipment that is not used in a proper way can be very dangerous. As a radiology technician, you’ll have to take all the caution measures for each patient and yourself as well. The con is that you’ll be exposed on a daily basis to extreme radiations and the protective clothing that you’ll use have to be in perfect order.

The education requirements that are needed in order to become a radiology technician involve a certificate or an associate’s degree. You’ll need to know and learn anatomy, be able to use in a correct manner the medical terminology.

Radiology Technician job growth

An increase is seen in the healthcare professions and job availability since more and more people retire. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US, the medical fields that are encompassed by radiology technicians are expected to experience a faster than the average rate. The grown rate percentage according to some of the surveys is perceived between 13% and a little bit lower and will reach up to 18%. These jobs provide the individual with a liable stability due to the nature of the job itself.

On a scale of employment, the hospitals rank on a top higher position since there are to be found the majority of radiographic jobs, followed at a distance by the private physician’s offices jobs, outpatient care centers, diagnostic laboratories and a few other.

The job growth of a radiology technician is influenced by the number of demanding of patients. In this field, the job stability remains intact since there are many cases in the aging population that will need aid from these professionals. A clear example will be those elderly that need an imaging diagnostic due to the age injuries. In other words, the rate of employment is pretty good, as well as the job growth availability.

Radiology Technician salary

The median annual salary for a radiology technicians salary is estimated to reach $54,345 per year this involving having AA degrees that will offer solid opportunities on a great salary. Working in fields like medical and diagnostic laboratories the salaries will be estimated to be comprised between $42,100 and will continue to grow up at $74,100. These estimations involve one of the highest levels that can be found in this branch and the lowest points, which can be found in the level of the person being employed in the field of physician’s offices.

Professionals that will work in Radiologist areas as having certificate will receive a higher income due to the training achieved and the higher responsibilities of the job such as to handle more complicated and complex equipment and other devices. This salary will be higher than of individuals that will work in the same field but with no years of experience and training.

Those who will work in the metropolitan areas are much more privileged than those that are working in the rural areas as well as in the private physician’s offices. There are also added benefits to a Radiology Technician Salary from the employers such as pension, social security and many others that, in the end, it will lead to an income median compensation package estimated at $72,100 annual.

A Radiology Technician salary will be influenced also by the hours of work where in many of these professions the employees are hired to work on a full time basis. Don’t be surprised if you’ll be required to work at night since this job is dealing with emergency situations.

Other factors which will influence a lot the Radiology Technician salaries are the experience in the field, the training levels that will for sure make a huge difference when it comes to receiving a higher income. According to each state, in US the salary will range as well not only due to the factors mentioned early but also to the highest levels of each state.

For example, the best example can be found in states that will grant the highest level of payment in this job such as California, Rhode Island, Alaska and so on. The annual income for someone working as a Radiology Technician in California is estimated to reach $72,035 with an hourly wage of $34.64. In Alaska, a salary can reach $68,927 per year with an hourly wage that reaches $33.16.

The top percent of individuals that are being hired in this field will gain a salary that reaches an average of $78,445 per year while those that are listed in the category of the lowest point in working in this field will gain an income that will estimate at about $37,575 per year.

Other decisive factors that influence the decrease or an increase in a Radiology Technician Salary are to be related with the economic flux the highest percentage in the working field and the lowest one’s as well as the location in which the job is placed not to mention the certification which will for sure increase a lot the salary. With multiple certifications in diverse specialties, the opportunity to gain a higher salary will be present.

The future outlook for this job is very rewarding and the opportunities are not to be ignored, chances for advancement are present all the time due to the many cases and demanding that are present in the healthcare system. The career path for this profession looks very promising since there is estimated a growth in the position for the next ten years or so being above the usual average.

Salary of a Radiology Technician in 2015

The salary in 2015 for these professionals is mainly influenced by the type of training that they’ve received, the geographical location and a few other. If you already possess a bachelor’s degree, and you’ll continue your education and you are working as a Radiology Technician then you’ll salary can reach an estimated average of $63,010 per year.

Those who are already in this business and they possess a fellowship degree will gain a salary that is estimated to reach $350,010 per year. The years of work and the level of experience are as well very influential when it comes to the income of these professionals. For instance a Radiology Technician with less than two years of experience will gain a salary that reaches about $35,010 per year, this being the average salary for the mentioned category.

Radiology Technician Salary in 2016

For the year 2016, in the United States, the income of a radiology technician is influenced by several major factors. One of these factors is the educational one in which the specialization will make a difference in your payment. It will also be influenced by the demographic factor, where you must include the state in which you’ve found work, city and region. There are differences in payment when you refer to an urban area compared with a rural area.

Other factors that impact the salary of a radiology technician are the years of experience that one individual has gathered at his working site and the type of facility in which one has found work. The lowest point in the income of one of these professionals is estimated to reach only at around $27,010 per year while the highest point in a radiology technician income can reach up to $75,510 per year or even higher.

These incomes are mainly influenced by the up mentioned factors. The annual salary for these professionals is comprised between $36,610 per year, and it goes up to $76,867 per year. There are also states that will pay a higher income than others due to economic flux in which you can easily add the costs of living and the living expenses that are to be found in those particular regions. A radiology technician salary is also influenced according to the type of facility in which you are working, the incomes varying due to the position and the employers.

The average percentage of the salaries of radiology technologists reaches around $37,010 per year. Still a career in this field can get you to have huge rewarding time, since you’ll provide answers to many patients that are ill, and the salary can often be good with plenty opportunities of an increased and a higher salary.

Radiology Technician salary in Canada, Australia and UK

In other countries, the salary that is received for someone working as a Radiology Technician is influenced according to the same factors mentioned earlier. For example in Canada, income in this profession is comprised between CAD$10,138 and CAD$91,729 per year. In Ontario (CA) a Radiology Technician average salary is estimated to reach CAD$33,010 annual.

The average annual salary in Australia for a Radiology Technician will be comprised between AU$35,319 and will go up to AU$90,046 while, in UK, the annual salary will be comprised between £19,635 and £40,098 per year.

Conclusion on Radiology Technician salary

If you are looking for a career that will offer stability the Radiology Technician job is one that can be pursued. The growing rate in this profession is very promising as well as an increase in this line of duty since the demanding are starting to appear more and more. The salary of a Radiology Technician has a very rewarding perspective since the population is in need for these professionals.

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