Network Administrator Salary

What is a Network Administrator?

network administrator salaryA network administrator is one of the professionals that has to deal with the maintenance of computer hardware and also with the maintenance of software systems that usually are making up the computer network. You can also add that a network administrator has to monitor the active data network and maintain it or deal with the related network equipment.

To the meaning of this name you can easily add a system administrator, or you can also address it as a network admin that is basically the same thing. This professional is responsible for making run smoothly an organization’s computer network, and to perform update where necessary. There are multiple companies and organizations that are using multiple computers or even software platforms and that need a network administrator to make sure that all the different systems are coordinated.  

Job Description of a Network Administrator

The main duties and tasks that a network administrator has to fulfill depend mainly based on the organization or institution in which his working, on how wide or narrow it is, and also how complex or simple is the network or in some cases the networks.

All in all this professional is usually responsible to follow up established drills and procedures that are already specific in a company. Generally his daily job tasks will involve installing computer systems and networks, to repair them as well to maintain and upgrade networks and computer systems. A network admin will also have to improve the quality and the performance by monitoring the networks and the systems that have to deal with a computer.

Installation, support, configuration, or any employees network access, that can easily include setting up users accounts, or providing access to files, programs, or other additional access required are just a few of the other tasks that a network admin has to manage.

Possessing certain and necessary skills will help this professional to diagnose and fix every problem that might appear or any potential problem that might come along related to network and its hardware, system and software. The necessary skills he should possess involve communicating skills, since he will deal with users or organization members, or he will have to support individuals or a number of teams and also to possess very good problem-solving skills.

This is not all every employer will search in one of these professionals a pattern of skills that have to deal with the work itself and with being able to report to circumstance and people. Skills that will make the difference, such as having a critical thinking, being analytical, being organized and have developed a strong project management, and interpersonal skills.

With the technology field constantly changing, a network administrator must be willing to learn every bit of information, be aware of what is out there what is new and to evolve each time something modern appears. Throughout the career of a network, admin will be major changes in which knowledge and understanding play a vital role since he will constantly adapt to new technology and new techniques.

How to Become a Network Administrator?

If your dream is to become a network administrator, then you should know that every dream starts from the high school. If you really want to enter in this field, then you should find out more information about what a network admin is doing and what subjects are necessary to help you become one.

The best path to get there after you’ve graduated high school and you’ve earned your diploma is to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science or an equivalent degree. The length of this training program of getting a bachelor’s degree usually consists of four years. The courses that are studied in these years involve subjects such as mathematics, computer programming, computer science and engineering and other.

In the case of a MIS degree or else known as a Management Information Systems degree, the course works that are studied in this kind of training program involve coursework such as accounting, management, finance, marketing, system design and security and other.

Don’t waste your time with training programs that don’t have an accreditation because they will not take you far away, try to find those programs that will suit you the best, and make sure that will offer accreditation.

The path of network administrator offers many certifications, and you have where to choose from such as certifications based on a specific type of technology, hardware or even software. The technology fields offer various certifications such as Network Plus, MCSE or with other words the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer that will be like your business card. Holding a certification is associated with the industry standard requirement plus it will increase your job opportunities.

Another expectation made by many employers is to possess a certain experience in this field, and in some cases just to have a degree when you are applying for a job is not enough. Acquire this necessary experience by finding an internship that will allow you to develop and grow in this field.

Learning is the path to becoming a great network administrator, find those technology magazines that will keep you in touch with the latest new, gadgets and programs. You can also enjoy other learning opportunities that are offered by Microsoft such as webinars or on-demand programs in all areas of technology. You can find these programs in many instructing procedures such as step by step instructions for those that have to deal with basic programs.

What will help you increase your chances of being hired by the best is to write down in your resume all your network administrator experience that will definitely help you climb the ladder, since without it is very difficult even to enter in this world of technology.

Applying for network administration positions is not always easy but with a few tips everything can change for the best. Try to keep in touch with others that are working in this branch that could offer you a written recommendation or by word. If for instance you don’t find a job as a network administrator, don’t panic, start by considering other opportunities in the technology field.

Gaining experience even in other areas of technology will always look good on your resume paper and will put you in front of many candidates that didn’t gain any at all. There are certain job sites that are meant to help you find the perfect match when it comes to your job; you can easily post your resume online.

When you’ve received an invitation to an interview, make sure that you have everything that you need such as inform yourself about the company and the products that it presents. Try not to make a bad first impression, since the first impression always counts make sure to be there early or on time and dressed in some business clothing.

Always show yourself interested in the job by asking questions, and the make sure that you’ll write a letter of thanks. Negotiate your payment and accept the new position as a network administrator. There are some employers that will accept a two years associate’s degree along with certifications.

Work Environment and Schedule

The great news that can be seen in this profession, when it comes to the working environment is the fact that these professionals are in high demand in many business sectors. The top industries that are hiring network administrators can be found in education, insurance, hospitals, professional, scientific services as well as technical services, and transportation equipment manufacturing. These are not all there are plenty more from that a network administrator has to choose form, and the great benefit is that he won’t have time to get bored.

The place in which network administrators work is very comfortable, and the sites are usually very lit involving in some cases offices or laboratories in which they are conducting their work. The working schedule involves the standard of 40 hours per week, but according to many surveys this number was constantly exceeded since plenty of employees stayed more than the regular estimated hours per week.

You can expect to physical injuries in this field since there is not a risk like that but because of sitting in front of computers many times and continuously typing, network administrators could easily expect to confront themselves with back pain, eyestrain or even carpal tunnel syndrome.

Pros and Cons of Being a Network Administrator

Like in any other job, the pros and cons are not to be missed. The benefits that come right from the start in this field are the fact that these professionals can work in a variety of environments, from the private system and up to the public system, government, education, and healthcare organizations.

There is a great stability offered in this field and a solid growth estimation due to the technology that is constantly expanding and advancing. There are plenty of career opportunities as well as plenty of chances for advancement not to mention that the salary that is earned is very good and in some years can even increase. Another pro is that with less education such as an associate’s degree accomplished by a certification you can get a job.

However to appreciate the benefits you have to be aware of the disadvantages. The cons that are present in this field start with the long or unusual working hours. Every job will require from your side some years of IT experience in the field, and there is a must when it comes to certifications.

Extra education and training are something not to be missed in this career since you’ll have to be informed about the newest technology and what is changing in this world of technology.

Network Administrator job growth

For the next couple of years, the employment growth for all network and computer system administrators is predicted at 8%, rate of increase, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The rise in this increase is mainly generated by the number of demanding, and the cases that rise, as well as by the nature itself of the job.

The future outlook for this professionals is really great, with plenty of work opportunities, and with a good job satisfaction. A great demand is starting to rise up for information technology employees, due to the firms all over the country that choose to invest in the fastest and modern technology and in mobile networks.

Network Administrator Salary

There are numerous factors that influence the salary of a network administrator in the United States. Factors that are revealed based on the geographical location, the experience gained in this field, the study and training as well as the highest or the lowest points that can be found in the economic flux.

The average year-long salary for these professionals is estimated to be at around $75,794 per year. The lowest income estimations that are made a reach to the amount of an average annual salary of about $46,224 per year and even less, according to each state.

The highest indicated network administrator salary in this field for a network administrator is estimated to reach a yearly salary of about $120,010 per year and even more according to the type of industry that hired these professionals.

The median salary that is gained reaches at about $54,838 per year, while the usual salary can vary between $38,427 per year and $76,949 per year. To this, you can add a bonus that can reach up to $5,402 per year, and the profit sharing that will vary from $411.17 and up to $5,153 per year. This will lead in the end to a total payment comprised between $38,510 and $77,458 per year.

The best jobs as network administrators can be found in states such as the District of Columbia that will grant these professionals a salary that reaches at about $81,510 per year, Maryland, with a salary of about $80,410 per year, and California that offers to these professionals a salary that is estimated at $80,310 per year.

Salary of a Network Administrator in 2015

The average wage of a network administrator in US for the year 2015 has an average that is estimated to be comprised between $71,210 and $105,754 per year. The figures will fluctuate according to each state but due to the number of demanding and the development in this field, the job of a network administrator offer plenty of job opportunities and career advancement.

The network administrator salary in 2015 will also differ according to the specialty, the job title, and the certification that one has gained in this field. For instance a network administration lead income has an estimation that reaches up to an annual average of $123,010 per year while one professional that is working on a position of network security administrator will earn an annual salary of about $91,010 per year.

Network Administrator Salary in 2016

In the US, for the year 2016, the average median income for network administrators reaches at $55,506 per year, according to the salary data survey provided by PayScale. The lowest section in the income of these professionals is estimated to be at $36,010 per year, while the highest section in the earnings reaches up to $78,010 per year or even higher.

The bonuses that are granted can reach up to $6,014, while the profit sharing is usually estimated to be comprised between $389.79 and up to $5,077. The commission for these professionals that is received can get up to $1,010. The incomes for this particular group are influenced and impacted by several factors such as the years of experienced gained in the field, followed by geographical location, and the specific type of employment. A vast majority of individuals who work in the US, as network administrators are men rather than women.

When it comes to the payment by level of experience there are some variations in the economic status of these professionals. For instance an entry-level network administrator, with less than five years of experience can expect to take home around $48,010 per year, while a Mid- Career individual with 5 and up to 10 years of work and knowledge will gain around $56,010 per year. Those who enter in the category of Experienced professionals, with 10 and up to 20 years of experience and with plenty of work activity can expect to gain around $62,010 per year. The late-career professionals, also seen as the veterans in this field with more than 20 years of work experience can expect to earn around $65,010 per year.

The national average salary for a network administration is estimated to reach up to $54,572 per year. High incomes can be found in regions such as Washington where the earnings exceed the national average reaching at $67,532 per year, followed by New York where the total earnings reach up to $64,951 per year. Other areas that have earnings above the national average can be encountered in San Diego, Minneapolis, Dallas, Chicago and a few other. On the other side below the national average earnings can be spotted in regions such as Orlando, and Miami, with incomes that are estimated at $53,709 per year, respectively at $51,008 per year.

Network Administrator Salary in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom

  • In Canada, a network administrator salary has a median average that reaches about C$54,131 per year. According to many surveys, the salary that is estimated will vary from C$39,231 and C$73,184 per year. To all this, you can add certain benefits such as the bonus that is granted, and that can reach up to C$6,154 per year and the profit sharing that can be estimated at C$4,979 per year. This will lead to a total network administrator salary in Canada estimated to be comprised between C$38,937 per year and C$74,918 per year.
  • In Australia, the average median salary for someone working in this field is estimated to reach at about AU$63,113 per year. The average salary is comprised between AU$48,152 and AU$85,452 per year. Additionally there is a bonus that is granted that reaches at about AU$6,822 per year this leading to a total network administrator salary in Australia that is estimated between AU$44,642 and AU$85,839 per year.
  • In the UK, the average median salary in this field is estimated at £22,838 per year. With the first five years or so in this job, the payment will increase gradually. The estimated salary for a network administrator is estimated between £15,287 per year and £30,988 per year. The bonus that is granted can reach up to £2,536 per year, this leading to a total network administrator salary in the United Kingdom that is estimated between £15,342 and £31,218 per year.

Conclusion on Network Administrator Salary

The network administrator salary has an important place and role in any organized top paying industry.The number of demanding and solicitations is very high up in this field leading to a great career choice and many advancement opportunities.

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