Hospital Administrator Salary

The average salary for a Hospital Administrator in the United States is usually estimated at $97,010 per year. The lower points that are present in this field usually reach the lower amount of $48,010 per year. Also, the highest points are estimated and can reach up to an annual income of around $117,010 per year. The bonuses that are usually granted can reach up to $25,723 per year while the profit sharing can even reach up to $12,367 per year.

How much does a Hospital Administrator make?

The estimated median salary reaches at $97k per year. The income for these professionals is also influenced according to several well-defined factors such as the length of the career, geographical location and a few other. The majority of individuals hired in this field earn dental coverage, and many of them receive medical benefits.

The years of expertise in this field is another factor that has a great impact when it comes to the established income. For instance, the hospital administrators who are at the beginning of their career can expect to earn around $75,010 per year. At the same time, those with more years of experience in the field between five and 10 can expect to a median income around $98,010 per year.

Those individuals that are working between 10 and 20 years and head towards seniority can expect to a median salary that reaches up to $127,010 per year.

Salary of a Hospital Administrator in 2017

The national average in 2017 in the United States for a hospital administrator is estimated to reach about $97,010 per year being influenced by various factors. For instance, a salary of these professionals will also be influenced based on the economic flux that will vary according to each state, the facility in which one found work, and a few other.

Hospital Administrator Salary in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom

In Canada, one of the factors that influence the salary of a hospital administrator are the years of experience. For instance, if you are working in this field between 5 to 9 years then you can expect to an average income that is comprised between C$59,005 per year.

In Australia according to the years of experience if you are on the field for 1 and up to 4 years you can expect to an income that usually reaches at AU$47,010 per year. At the same time, if you are working for more than 10 years and up to 19 years in the field then you can expect to take home a higher annual income. In such cases, the income usually reaches at AU$50,878 per year.

In the UK with the age, your salary will start to have various increases. If you are working for less than one year in the field can expect to an income that is estimated around £17,418 per year. Also, if you already have between 5 to 9 years then you can expect to earn around £29,710 per year.

Hospital Administrator Career

A hospital administrator is one of the specialists that is usually overseeing the business operations of a hospital. This job includes mainly the planning and coordinating of the medical and health services that are provided by the facility. It also includes the personnel management duties, and the operational decisions that are present on a daily basis.

Job Description of a Hospital Administrator

Like in any other jobs that are duties and responsibilities that have to be fulfilled. For instance, the duties of a hospital administrator involve that all the operations of a hospital are run in a smooth manner. They will oversee all the financial aspects of a hospital, or even oversee the staff of a hundred or thousands of people.

The role of a hospital administrator is to provide any necessary employee training for gaps that are present when the observations are carried. For instance if a staff member will not act or perform at established standards, then the hospital administrator may have to take measures to establish immediate corrections, or even schedule a performance review.

Human resources duties such as payroll or hiring are very present in the job chart of a hospital administrator. Other duties and responsibilities will involve ensuring that all the operations that are developed and carried out to be fulfilled need to fit with the purpose and vision of the company. This is very important, and also to make sure that it is in agreement with all the federal and local laws.

The hospital administrator might have a specific budget that he or she needs to make sure that it will be allocated in a correct manner and without further errors. Being a position of management, a hospital administrator might need to have developed some specific skills. The developed skills will help him or her better with this job, meaning that it might be required to have years of experience in the healthcare field.

In this career, a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree is usually necessary as well as some strong communication skills. Hospital administrators have strong customer services, as well as a good computer proficiency, that will help a lot when it comes to generating reports or even for various researches that need to be performed.

Specific tasks that will be met in this job involve supervising of the staff, managing the operations that are on a daily basis. You will also need to establish goals for budgets and costs for services, as well as direct fundraising for special cases and other.

How to Become a Hospital Administrator?

The educational requirements that will allow you to become a hospital administrator involve possessing at least a four-year bachelor’s degree. Many individuals will continue with education obtaining even a master’s degree or a doctorate degree that are usually necessary for those executive positions that are higher on an administrative ladder.

Graduate training programs in health administration or business have two and in some cases up to three years of completion. The specific curriculum for the hospital administrator involves courses in strategy, finance, business laws, as well as healthcare technology systems.

Hospital administration students that want to make sure that they receive the education that will meet the predetermined quality standards can check a program accreditation status at the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education.

A hospital administrator should already have required skills as well as the necessary knowledge and experience since the practical training is encountered in any degree program. There is the possibility for on the job training that is usually provided by the qualified associate or by the new administrator’s immediate executive.

When it comes to license and certification requirements, those who are working as administrators in hospitals are not required to possess a license. On the other hand, those who are operating at long-term facilities must possess license and certification that are required by all states in the US.

Hospital administrators must take an exam that will lead to initial licensure. Then they will also have to maintain the proof of an active practice or if one chooses this path, they need to continue education in order to maintain the license active.

You are not required to obtain a board certificate, but many individual working in this field will get a certificate that is usually acquired at the American College of Healthcare Executives. This certification will allow the hospital administrators to will maintain their professional standing and as well as to validate their competency in the field.

In order to become a good hospital administrator, you’ll need to possess qualities and skills that will help you be productive in your work setting. For instance, a hospital administrator needs to possess analytical thinking oriented to problem-solving. They also need to have a very detail-oriented character and have a creative acuity that will help at foreseeing the effects of decisions and policies and a vast scale.

Since these specialists are leaders they will need the ability to negotiate the changes that in many cases affect people, offer good staff motivation. Also, it is important to have the ability to communicate with people who come from various backgrounds and have different educational levels.

A hospital administrator is a well-qualified individual that can move further to beyond a single facility and take over higher responsibilities as administrators in government agencies as well as healthcare networks. Their various knowledge and experience will make them able also to serve as consultants or educators for healthcare organizations or new facilities.

Work Environment and Schedule

A hospital administrator can work in various and different environments, such as urban care community hospitals, as well as general care community hospitals, medical practices, rehabilitation facilities, and outpatient care locations. The majority of the healthcare administrative workforce is made up of hospital administrators.

Many of the hospital administrators are hired full-time, and they work the regular business hours. There are still some exceptions when they are called up for administrative problems, or emergencies that need their attention during the evening hours, weekends, holidays and overnights.

Pros and Cons of Being a Hospital Administrator

The job of a hospital administrator in the career line can bring advantages or disadvantages. When it comes to the salary according to some surveys the payment is usually influenced by the location, the size of the facility, and the responsibility scopes. Hospital administrators can earn an annual salary that is situated in a good position leading even to an income of about $180,010 per year.

There is also a well-estimated growth that will increase in time gradually. A secure employment means that all hospital administrators will perform well their tasks and fulfill the basic expectations. The best rewarding is that you can feel positive for providing a good health care for people and communities.

The cons that can rise in this job are linked with the fact that these professionals receive a lot of responsibility. With a significant amount of daily duties, they will handle providing vision, direction, budget and business planning, that makes a hospital to be run in a proper manner. They play an important part also in communities since they see a lot of opportunities and threats.

With all these, you can sometimes add cases when courts have held liable many hospital administrators. In these cases, the employee negligence caused diseases, death to a patient or injury, even if they were around when all those incidents took place. The level of stress is very high due to all the levels of responsibilities that must be taken and all the decisions that must be made.

Working on the side of personnel management can be most often very challenge. Hospital Administrators role is to hire, motivate and in some cases fire medical professionals who are earning high salaries. There are also some jobs that will require conference travels in order to learn about the hospital practices, and even discover the ways that are proper to hire and manage medical staff.

Conclusion on Hospital Administrator Salary

The income in this field can be influenced not only according to each state in the US, but also according to other several influential factors.

One of the major factors that affect the salaries in other countries are the years of experience in the field, the metropolitan areas. Another factor can be the geographical location, generally such as the areas in which the number of demanding for these professionals is much higher or not. Another determinant that is encountered in this field is the size of industries in which one individual has found work.

A hospital administrator is always seen as an important link and also as a leader that will impact lives together with those professionals they are working with. These experts also impact the people that they are dealing with and the communities in which they play a vital and important part.

The salary growth in the United States has a very good percentage. This is due to the needs that can be found in the administration of hospitals and many other institutions who are in need for these professionals.

Hospital Administrator Salary
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