Dialysis Technician Salary

According to the salary data surveys provided by Indeed.com, the average hourly wage for dialysis technicians reaches somewhere at around $20.19 per hour, while the yearly reported dialysis technician salary is estimated to reach at around $31,410 per year.

How much does a Dialysis Technician make?

The earnings for a dialysis technician in the United States, for the year 2017, are mostly impacted by various factors that usually affect this position. The most encountered and predominant factors in this profession are linked with the duration of an individual working in this career, followed closely by the specific type of employer, the industry, as well as the specific region where one professional has found work.

The vast majority of people working on this position according to some of the PayScale provided surveys seem to be women rather than men. According to the revealed gender factor, the incomes that are received monthly as well as those gained annually will vary. For this particular group, the higher earning skills that are mainly associated with this career field or job are the Patient Education, as well as Preceptor.

Other factors that impact the salary of a dialysis technician are linked mainly with the years of experience, received bonuses along with profit sharing or perks and according to the type of employment there are also commissions included. This profession is also influenced by the education level as well as the living expenses and the costs of living that are registered in particular areas or regions of the country.

The salaries for this particular group vary as well according to the geographical location. For instance, in New York, NY the hourly wage that is granted to a dialysis technician tends to reach at $35.77 per hour, being estimated to be above the national average. However in Atlanta, GA the average hourly wage that is received tends to reach at $30.41 per hour, meeting the national average. On the other hand in Chicago, IL the hourly granted wage tends to reach only at around $17.21 per hour, this being classified as below the national average.

Plenty of employees reported a very satisfactory level for this job. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth for Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists as well as for all Technicians is projected at a 15% rate of increase. The main reason of this increase is due to a constant rise in the health care services along with the number of demands for these professionals.

The job opportunities for dialysis technicians are also inclined to grow due to the aging population and the fact that more and more people need dialysis. Thus, if you planned a career as a dialysis technician in 2017, you will earn the stability you’ve dreamed of.

Dialysis Technician Salary in 2017

In 2017, in the United States, the major factors that affect the job income of a dialysis technician are strictly related to the education that is gained, location, the years of experience accumulated on the field, the type of facility in which one of these professionals has found work as well as other influential factors.

The economic flux in this field can be well spotted when it comes to evaluating the highest and the lowest points of the incomes. The usual highest points for these professionals working as dialysis technicians are estimated to reach at $42,010 per year or even more while the lowest points of these jobs will bring forth an income estimated at around $27,115 per year or even less.

The way a salary increases or decreases is also linked according to the states that pay much more than other. The compensation for these group of professionals in mainly impacted by the residence, then followed by the years of experience and the individual company.

Still you should be aware that each state has its own requirements when it comes to the payment. To gain access to great job opportunities and many new open doors try to stick to fulfill certain educational conditions that will definitely take you higher on the scale.

Like in the early years the annual salary will vary as well starting from $25,150 per year and reaching up to $40,210 per year, this depending on the already mentioned factors or based on the competitiveness that many times is present on the economic market.

According to some of the surveys, the salary of a dialysis technician for the year 2017 is presented with great benefits that usually include a compensation that can reach up to $49,067, this involving social security, pension, disability insurance as well as other. With other words this career salary can be one that is very rewarding especially if you love what you are doing.

A dialysis technician plays an important role and has its part in the whole medical system that will lead many patients to have a chance for a better life or an improved life depending on each case.

Salary for a Dialysis Technician in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom

Like in any other countries, the salary can be estimated differently but in this field of working as a dialysis technician, the salary is much the same. Being countries with great economic flux, the salary in Canada will reach at an income of C$37,050 per year, while those working in other countries, for example Australia, will benefit of an average salary in the dialysis branch of AU$29,100 per year.

The individuals who work in the United Kingdom will have an income that reaches only at £19,050. This will be estimated in the US equivalent to a salary of almost $31,000 yearly. These estimations are also influenced by the number of the various factors reminded earlier, factors that influence the salary of a dialysis technician.

Dialysis Technician Career

The dialysis technician is usually defined as the professional who is making a very huge difference in the life of a person. He is the one that is performing the renal dialysis.

Their cases are usually dealing with the patients who are suffering from the kidney diseases, which are chronic or who had kidney failure.

Job description of Dialysis Technician

The main duties of a dialysis technician involve to monitor and to deal with the dialysis equipment that medically involves the removal of unnecessary fluids or waste that could be found in a patient’s kidney(s). Their work, as dialysis technicians, always stays under the supervision of other medical professionals, like nurses or doctors.

The job of a dialysis technician also involves some special communicating skills that involve making the patient feel comfortable and safe, but they are also dealing with using the equipment in the treatment of a patient’s situation (which is a process). Before starting any procedure, a dialysis technician must assure that the environment in which he’s working is always clean and secure, as well as the necessary machines or any other working equipment. They must make sure as well that the equipment is perfectly functional and after the procedure their role is to clean it.

They also deal with observing the whole process of the patient and to keep a record by taking notes on the patient’s progress.

How to become a dialysis technician?

The process of becoming a dialysis technician does not stand overnight, because in order to be this kind of professional, you are required to fulfill certain educational training programs. Their work has to be accurate, since performing a renal dialysis involves a process of making the blood clean of the waste that is metabolic. The blood also has to be clean without any remainder of contamination or poisoning, so mainly this whole procedure depends on the job that a dialysis technician performs.

So, in order to become a good dialysis technician, you need to advance in this career path that will offer you a lot of advantages, but first there are some aspects to consider. Here are some great steps to follow, in order to get to the point of working with the right to practice as a dialysis technician.

Usually, depending on each state in the US and the educational training requirements which can be found, conditions are also influenced by the places where you decide to practice. Almost all the open positions as dialysis technician involve possessing a high school diploma and the completion of an accredited training program and getting a certification.

If you’ve decided that is the path for you to follow as a dialysis technician, then make sure (if you are still in high school) that your specialization is the right one that will offer some courses, which are based on subjects like science, biology and health.

These courses will help you to meet the necessary qualifications to prepare yourself to enroll into a training program that will prepare you for the job of becoming a dialysis technician. For a better approach on a better development in the following career opportunities, arrange a meeting with the guidance counselor from the school.

He will help you to discuss about the present aptitudes that you possess, and you’ll get the chance to find out more about the field in which you will be working, but you’ll also find out information that will be a good tip in choosing the training program that fits you the best in the region in which you are.

Your guidance counselor can provide you with the opportunity of a training program that is defined as a job shadowing, because usually what you are going to do is to observe a hired professional in this domain of job in which you are interested and to see him in his work environment that will help you in your future career.

That way you’ll deal with seeing and being informed of the main duties that a dialysis technician is performing, as well as the job environment in which you are going to work. It is similar to an internship, but you are not going to be paid. However, you are going to learn a lot about your future job, without the process of participating, it will rather be about achieving a level of good knowledge and practical information by watching.

If you are already in a training program (which for the best should be accredited), consider to apply for the practical part by entering into a dialysis technician internship. This will develop your abilities a lot with working in this field, as well as the necessary skills that will develop through a great job experience. With the internship, you’ll get the opportunity to accumulate knowledge that will be of great help when you are applying for a position as a dialysis technician.

For a better career opportunity and another level of salary, you can continue on the scale of educational training that will give you some great advancement career opportunities. For example, for the position in this job, you can take some additional educational training that can last on a length of time comprised of one or even two years of study.

Also, before dealing with the enrolling procedures in one of the accredited college training programs, make sure that you’ve visited all the websites that could inform you about the courses and programs, the requirements of admission, as well as their options.

Make sure that you are completely informed before making the next step and do some trips at some college campuses to learn more about the courses you’ll be studying, as well as to meet with one of the instructors working there. This will give you a clear perspective on what you are going to study as well as what the dialysis technician is supposed to do.

A real help in your course work and study plan would be to speak at the college with a career counselor, who will give you a clear structure. But assure yourself that the classes which are required are involved in this structure, as well as the courses which are prerequisites in the program.

The education is an important link in the process of becoming and performing daily basic activities and work duties in the field of a dialysis technician. But in order to have the right to practice, a dialysis technician has to be certified or has to possess a license.

There are certain accredited certifications which are granted in this field, such as the CHT or Hemodialysis Technician Certification or the CCNT, also known as the Certification in Clinical Nephrology Technology and so on.

Work environment and schedule

The dialysis technician works in various institutions, organizations or agencies, which are usually in the public or private system. So, dialysis technician jobs can be encountered in the healthcare system in places like hospitals, clinics and many other centers, which are outside the hospital’s borders. The people who are as dialysis technicians in the facilities of hospitals usually earn more than those who are working in the field of the clinical settings.

Their work schedule is comprised of eight hours a day, this being a total number of forty hours per every week. But their work can be under more flexible hours that are gained by working as part time. A dialysis technician usually works under the supervision of another registered healthcare professional, as mentioned earlier.

If you work as a dialysis technician in an environment of the hospital or any other clinic, then if your work is comprised of twenty four hours, you’ll probably have to work in some evenings or weekends also.

Pros and Cons of being a Dialysis Technician

Working as a dialysis technician you’ll have plenty of opportunities to contribute to one’s health. For instance, you will use a certain medical equipment that will allow an accurate procedure, to cleanse the blood of a patient from all the metabolic wastes that can be encountered.

Those who have problems with their kidneys will have the benefit of living quite a normal life due to these machines. The job is very rewarding since you have the opportunity to make the lives of your patients a lot easier. You will also get to improve their lives as well. You will be at their side many times and offer the emotional support that is needed.

For this career, the job growth and the prospects that can be found in this job are very excellent and according to the estimations made the number of demands constantly increase during the years. You have that opportunity to find a job in every part of the country. This is because the facilities in which you can work are plenty.

The cons of this job are related to your work, and the fact that you’ll have to deal with a lot of people and some of them might not have a very good health. Many of the patients can be very sick and because of this your level of stress can constantly increase.

This career also assumes that you’ll have to spend many hours at your working place, by standing on your feet, this in some cases can be tiring and exhausting. Due to long weekends, evenings and sometimes even holidays you can feel a certain burnout.

What is worse in this job is the fact that without even knowing, many times you are exposed to some high-risk factors that can even affect your health. Various chemicals or very sick patients in an unclean setting will lead in the end to some chronic or infectious diseases.

Dialysis Technician Job Growth

The job opportunities for a dialysis technician are endless, this leading to a great job growth due to the essence of this job and the number of demanding that are constantly growing over the years. The future in this field for a dialysis technician looks bright since the number of demands can easily be influenced by the area in which you are working. The jobs possibilities are plenty, and there is a wide range where you can choose from throughout the country.

There is a growth in the level of working, leading to the opportunity of higher income than the one that was usually presented also due to the compensation package. With the number of demanding leading due to the nature of this job, the level of satisfaction in this field seems to be a good one.

Conclusion on Dialysis Technician Salary

With an average in the salary of a dialysis technician that reaches at the yearly amount of $44,000, the future outlook for this job is market is a great entry, due also to the number of population that will require the job, but also to the fact that the healthcare system jobs are needed.

The salary has greatly extended benefits and brings great career opportunities as well, that are mainly defined by the types of facilities in which one is working, as well as the other factors that have a great influence in the income.


This article is based on getting to make an impression on what a dialysis technician is and what kind of job does he have. We also discuss which his main duties are. It will involve the topics of how to become one and which are the steps to follow into achieving a future career path in this field.

The above discussed topics include the work environment and the schedule that a dialysis technician has, and some major information about the salaries in the US and in other countries of the first world like Canada, Australia and the UK. The factors that influence an individual salary according to each state in the US are other ideas approached in this article.

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