Business Administrator Salary

What is a Business Administrator?

Business Administrator salaryTo better understand the job let’s take a look at the field. The field of the business administration is a wide one, integrating a variety of management positions. The available positions can be found in various facilities from independent businesses to large corporations, every bit of operation that is needed in these businesses will require skilled administrators.

Those who usually thrive in the world of business are organized individuals with good motivation and a calm personality that will overcome the stressful situations that might occur. In other words, a business administrator is one of the leaders in a management position who knows how to manage people and has an eye for strategic planning.

A business administrator is also one of the professionals who direct a wide range of services that will allow the organizations to be run in an effective and efficient way. They usually have to plan, coordinate and oversee plenty and various aspects of their employers’ operations.

Job Description of a Business Administrator

As a business administrator, his or her role is to establish the departmental and organizational goals and carry them out to fulfillment. They also need to oversee and direct the budgetary and financial activities of a business or organization, analyze financial statements and sales reports and other indicators of performance.

When it comes to operations, these professionals will consult other executives, board members and staff members. They will innovate their working place by applying new technologies, and they will manage many general activities that are usually related to providing services and designing or making products. A business administrator’s duty is also to approve or negotiate contracts and agreements, improve programs, policies and performance and also they will have to identify places to cut costs.

The work of a business administrator has some typical regions of work such as operation management, retail management, general management, sales management, office administration and a few others.

How to Become a Business Administrator?

Before you start fulfilling your dream as a business administrator, you should ask yourself a few questions. The first one is what type of business administrator do I want to become? And the second one would be what the costs for a degree program are?

The business administrator is a title that is used on a general scale and it can define an individual that has the work of an accountant or a marketing consultant, both having very different and specific tasks. For instance, working at a company as an accountant, your duties will involve overseeing the bookkeeping administration tasks, while being a marketing consultant you can have the main role of how the company is in the first place advertising itself.

On the other hand, working as a business administrator can mean that you are a business manager at any type of small or large business. The key that is required when becoming a business administrator is comprised of knowing how to manage people, as well as processes while you keep in mind all the time the bottom line of the company that you are working for.

Here are some general tips that will help you fulfill the educational requirements when it comes to becoming a business administrator:

  1. Choose wisely!

Before you start, make sure that you inform yourself about the opportunities that are available and the costs of the training programs. Business administration classes are very important and these will prepare you for a future job in the field. Your choices are not limited, try to find a good college business program that has accreditation.

Your major should involve business management or administration. In any of these majors you might have the chance to apply for a job that is hiring for administration positions, management trainees. If this is the case then the good news will be that your training is paid.

  1. Decide

A business administrator job can be found at a certain level in any of the possible industries from oil to food services. Become what you like! Try to find out what is the type of business administrator that will suit you the most. Also identify what business makes you the most valuable. You can find work at a major corporation or you can work for a corporation that is mainly dealing with costumers on a direct path. Examples of the above mentioned would be such as being an administrator at a retail service, behind the scenes.

  1. Ask the right questions

To have better opportunities for hiring and succeed, the best path is to ask for guidance from the instructors that you have at the college business program. Equally good and appropriate would be to visit a career center where trained people will answer your questions. By doing this you’ll be able to find the right direction, and you’ll also find out some requirements that are general rules when you apply for a job at a company as a fresh college graduate. You’ll also find out details on how to apply, the cover letter and the resume.

  1. Create your resume

In this field your resume should mainly be designed for a business administration candidate. The line of your resume is to seek a job in the business administration or something similar. You can search for online examples or your instructors could give you some healthy tips on how to build it. You can also search online to see what positions are available in your area or within the industry in which you’d like to work.

  1. The interview

One of the important aspects is doing well at the interview. Your main focus in this area should be the things learned in college at the business and administration classes that will definitely help the company. Discuss the abilities of relating with people, managing and working with them. Try to explain why you prefer being a business administrator over all those other types of jobs.

  1. Required Degrees

Business administration has become a popular topic within the field of academic studying, reaching at a higher level for graduates and undergraduates. One of the most popular degrees in the field is the MBA else known as the Master of business administration. It is often sought by the students with high standards who are eager to break into the highest positions and levels of corporate governance.

Undergraduates can appeal to the BBA or else known as the Bachelor of Business Administration or at the ABA else known as the Associates of Business Administration to continue their studies. If you further advance to higher levels then you’ll need a DBA also known as a Doctor of Business Administration or targeting a higher academic level you can obtain a PhD also known as Doctor in Philosophy in Business Administration.

  1. Skills

Business administrators have a variety of skills and talents. The first one that is often met is the communication skill that is a major link especially for those positions where employees have direct contact with clients, consultants or advisors. A critical part that is played when it comes to skills in the financial world and also a must for a Business Administrator is the analytical skill.

Other skills that are very common in these types of jobs are leadership skills, and decision making skills. Individuals who are working as Business Administrators will need to be have an eye for the details and be very flexible.

Work Environment and Schedule

Working as a business administrator will lead you to higher positions such as top executive. Many top executives started to work in office administration, hospitality, sales, retail or even operations management. Business administrators and executives can find work in any industry and their salary and their working schedules will vary according to the companies, businesses or corporations.

Many of the business and financial specialists have their working place in offices and corporate buildings. One of the common factors that can be spotted in this field is traveling. A lot of traveling applies especially for those who work in sales departments or for the third-party agencies. A very useful aid for these professionals during their working hours will be technology, various equipment and computers.

Almost half of these professionals have standard working hours, meaning the regular 40 hours per week, while the rest will work longer. Many will have to deal with strict deadlines, meaning more hours of work, and address any issues that might occur.

Pros and Cons of Being a Business Administrator

The duties that are found when working as a business administrator will differ according to the career path that you’ll chose to follow. For instance, you could be working as marketing manager, executive or even financial manager. With other words right from the start you have a wide range of working opportunities.

Another pro is that in many cases the income that is estimated is above the average. Having work experience will grant you the way of advancement on higher positions. You can also find many work places for this career such as banks, corporations, government and others.

On the other hand when it comes to administrator positions there is usually a high competition, not to mention the fact that for advanced job careers you’ll need a master’s degree. Any of the administrator positions will require as well years of experience. Another con that is usually very common and often encountered is the long hours of work.

Business Administrator Salary

In the US, the salary of a business administrator job is mainly influenced by factors that affect this field. One of the most important factors is the education background, mainly the training received in the type of industry for which you are working, your location and years of experience.

For instance, an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration will make a difference for various positions. An Administrative Assistant with an Associate’s degree can expect an average income that usually ranges from $25,156 per year and up to $57,326 per year. At the same time, an Executive Assistant can expect to take home an average income that is comprised from $39,734 per year and up to $71,716 per year.

Working as an Operations Manager with an Associate’s Degree will lead you to have an average salary that is comprised from $37,816 per year and up to $86,936 per year. Also, the professionals who are working as HR managers or Human Resources managers can expect to take home a higher income. Their estimated average income ranges from $35,746 per year and up to $98,338 per year.

When it comes to gender, the majority of people who work as business administrators are women, while less than half of those employed in this career are men. The income from this perspective also tends to vary. A business administrator who is a female can expect an average income that varies from $30,994 per year and up to $62,217 per year. Also, those who are males can expect to take home an income that is a bit higher, ranging from $32,179 per year and up to $72,498 per year.

The income also varies according to cities for those who possess an Associate’s degree in Business Administration. For instance, the professionals who are working in Atlanta, Georgia can expect to take home an income estimated from $31,989 per year and up to $54,861 per year. At the same time those working in Chicago, Illinois can expect a salary ranging from $31,431 per year and up to $86,251 per year.

The higher incomes can be found in regions such as Huston, Texas with an average estimation that is comprised from $34,623 per year and up to $95,010 per year. Then comes Los Angeles, California with an income that ranges between $26,357 per year and up to $95,010 per year.

In this field you can definitely say that the higher the education is, the higher the salary can reach. For instance, with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration you can easily add to your earning potential between $2,005 and up to $5,005, sometimes even more. On the other hand, having an MBA will lead you further to high earnings and even bonus packages, adding between $7,005 and up to $11,005 to the standard wage.

With other words, business administrator majors with a Bachelor’s Degree can expect a starting median income of around $50,020 per year. Also, with a Master’s Degree you can expect a starting median average of around $62,010 per year.

You can also mention popular careers in business administration that have another level of income, a higher one. For instance, a career in Finance Management can lead you to a median salary estimated at around $109,742 per year. Furthermore, a career in Marketing Management can lead you to a median income that reaches around $115,752 per year. Not all the careers in business administration have the same line of salary.

For instance, a career in Hospitality Management will lead you to a median income estimated at $46,812 per year, while in Health Care Administration your median income will reach about $88,582 per year.

Salary of a Business Administrator in 2016

The salary of a business administrator in 2016, in the US, is influenced by the same mentioned factors. Due to the nature of the jobs, there are plenty of job opportunities and with great incomes. For instance, employees with a BBA degree on various positions have above average incomes. Operations Managers can expect to take home a salary estimated between $39,406 per year and up to $90,596 per year. At the same time, HR managers can expect to take home an income that ranges from $40,908 per year and up to $87,938 per year.

Business Administrator Salary in Canada, Australia and the UK

  • In Canada with a Diploma (Dipl) business administration degree, the income will also vary according to positions. Office Administrators can expect to take home around C$38,938 per year, Executive Assistants around C$47,510 per year, while Procurement Managers will gain around C$80,010 per year. The most popular cities that can be found in Canada for Business Administrators are Toronto, Ontario where the earnings range from C$32,056 per year and up to C$71,010 per year, Ottawa, Ontario with earnings ranging from C$46,010 per year and up to C$60,010 per year and a few others.
  • The median average income that is gained in Australia by Business Administrator is around AU$53,954 per year. The average salary is estimated to range from AU$34,934 per year and up to AU$69,456 per year. With a Diploma (Dipl) Business Administration degree the salary for the professionals working in Australia will also vary according to their positions. For instance, those who occupy positions as Office Managers can expect an average income that is estimated at around AU$60,668 per year. Also, working as an Executive Assistant the income reaches around AU$62,323 per year. The popular cities that can be found in the field of Business Administration by having the same Business Administration degree are Perth, Western Australia where the income will be estimated at AU$57,098 per year. Other areas are Sydney, New South Wales where the income for these professionals is estimated to range from AU$37,510 per year and up to AU$63,510, and Brisbane, Queensland with an income reaching around AU$61,856 per year.
  • In the United Kingdom, the median average income is estimated to reach around £15,796 per year, while the average of incomes in this profession has an estimation from £9,098 and up to £24,387 per year. The bonus that is granted can even reach up to £2,518 per year. Additionally, the profit sharing can go up to £53. These amounts will lead in the end to a salary that ranges from £9,223 per year and up to £24,935 per year. When it comes to the industry sector for a Business Administrator, the salaries also vary. For instance, those working in Education can expect at an average income estimated at around £23,010 per year. Also, those working in IT and Internet and even in Engineering, Manufacturing and Utilities can expect to take home around £37,510 per year. Accountancy will lead you to an estimated income of around £25,010 per year. Lastly, Transport and Logistics will lead you to take home a salary estimated at around £32,510 per year.

Conclusion on Business Administrator Salary

A business administrator is always on demand since many corporations, organizations and businesses need effective and efficient ways to prosper and increase. Those who earned business administrator majors have great salary and advancement opportunities.